EPCO is a leading company in the field of renewable energy and environmental solutions, distinguished by offering a wide range of products and services that contribute to improving the quality of life and protecting the environment for current and future generations. One of its standout products is CRAS, a unique demolition material that reflects the company’s deep commitment to environmental preservation. This material was developed to reduce the environmental impact of demolition and mining operations, lowering costs and helping to protect the environment from pollution and degradation.

In addition, EPCO has expanded into many areas, including:

  • Solar energy PV technology, aimed at converting solar energy into usable electrical energy, contributing to reducing reliance on traditional energy sources.
  • Advanced solutions in smart car charging stations, a step towards the future of eco-friendly transportation.
  • Energy Storage Systems (ESS), which contribute to stabilizing electric grids and improving the efficiency of energy use.
  • Water technologies, by offering innovative solutions for water provisioning and purification.
  • Green solutions in real estate development, to ensure the delivery of housing and buildings that respect sustainability standards and contribute to environmental protection.

With its commitment to quality and innovation, EPCO is a leader in its field, showing a true desire to build a better and more sustainable world.