International Developers Company

International Developers Company, a leading company operating internationally, expanding its activities in several countries such as Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt. We are distinguished by our international partnerships and agreements in various fields, reflecting our commitment to achieving success and excellence in all our activities.

Our Areas of Work

  • Livestock Quarantine: We offer livestock quarantine services with high international standards, to ensure safety and public health.
  • Agricultural Investment: We work on developing and implementing innovative agricultural investment projects, contributing to enhancing food security and supporting local economies.
  • Importing Live and Chilled Livestock: We carefully select and import live livestock and chilled products to meet the needs of local and international markets, with a commitment to the highest health and quality standards.

At International Developers Company, we believe in the importance of innovation and excellence in all our areas of work. We are committed to achieving sustainable development and supporting economies in the countries we operate in, by providing services and products that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.